IHL-SHIN MASKING FILM, developed by high technology, is LDPE film suitable for adhesive coating works. Since it does not have a film thickness deviation and exhihits excellent corona surface treatment, it will portect the surface of vairous kinds of industrall products from damage.
Easy to use for coating works as it does not have drooping or wrinkling problems. And it has little deviation thickness whith minimum amount of gels, fish-eyes, or pinholes on the surface.
There is no P.I.B transformation problem, owing to the excellent corona surface treatment of the film.

Laminate film (L-200)
For the use of laminating sealant works of various kinds of food packaging
Anti-fogen types, anti-static types, low-heat sealing types, and many other functional types enable your packaging work.
Colour :  clear,blue, white, etc..
Thickness :  from 20㎛ to 80㎛
Width :  from 50cm to 140cm
Length :   from 50m to 300m
Utility :  
L-200 20 - 80 50 - 140 500 - 3,000 CLEAR, BLUE, WHITE etc..

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