Bestrech film means the Best quality stretch film which made by latest 3-layer cast coextrusion equipment and will give you a satisfaction in the field of packaging enovation.
Bestretch film has excellent elongation and tensile strength, it contributes to the savings of packaging cost of and ware-house space.
Adds the value of the commodities by means of excellent cling strength and high transparancy.
BSU series, especially, help preventing packaging materials from U.V transformation

Bestrech for hand wrap
strech film for hand wrap
Suitable for the safe tranportation of office automation equipment and electronic equipment
Colour :  transparent
Thickness :  15,20,25㎛
Width :  50cm
Length :   50m
Utility :   For the packaging of aluminum cans. Bricks. And other things to prevent scatterigng in transit.
BSH - 15 15 50 500 4 ROLL/BOX
BSH - 20 20 50 500
BSH - 25 25 50 500

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