IHLSHIN has started an information desk to assist growers with the choice of the components for greenhouse film allowing for optimum growth. This advice to measure depends on a number of important data, such as type of crop, preferred durability of the film, climate and regional circumstances (altitude).

By clicking the 'ASK FORM' icon you can give us the information needed to advise you about custom made greenhouse films by IHLSHIN. We design your greenhouse film to your specific requirements.

about Anti-condensate ; drip-less feature on the surface of greenhouse inner side.

Currently, technology is unable to prevent condensation. However, by adding an anti-condensation component, it becomes possible to reduce some of the disadvantages of condensation, such as preventing drop formation on the film (reduction of light transmission) and dripping (crop damage). The additive creates a thin layer of water, which is being lead from the film, allowing for optimum radiation.

Eliminates drops for maximum light intensity
about Heat retention

An insulation component reduces temperature losses occurring when a hot day changes into a cold night. These additives allow a greenhouse to be almost equal to a glasshouse in terms of heat retention.

Gradual temperature changes from day time to night time.

about Light transmission

Visible light, Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) is the most important part of sunlight needed for growth. Thus a maximum transmission of PAR-light is required. Especially for crops growing upright, such as flowers, it is recommendable to spread the light evenly through the greenhouse. This allows a larger part of the plant to receive the right amount of light. At the same time the upper leaves (and blooms) are protected against sunburn. By adding a component to the film containing microscopic pigment particles, the incoming light beams are being diffused. This additive is unique because it combines its diffusing characteristics with an extreme high light transmission (PAR).

Maximum return for optimum growth
All of the IHLSHIN Greenhouse Coverings feature:

  multi-Layer(3 layer) extrusion
  Maximum Par Transmission
  Available up to 17,000mm wide
  Dust, condensate and chemical resistant by specific additives.
  One and four year films contain UV-stabilizer
  Conveniently folded for ease of installation
  Individually boxed packaging for saving distribution costs

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