IHLSHIN have begun as small store to sell polyethylene film at Bangsan-market that most famous plastic market in Seoul.
President Lim as the founder of IHLSHIN advertise his new product eagerly to cultivator group.
New products : Jang-Soo film which is long life greenhouse covering outstanding severe climatic condition.
Bestrech means the best quality stretch film which made by latest three layer cast co-extrusion equipment since 1992. Highly estimate pallet-stretch films of IHLSHIN are leading to innovative packaging industry in Korea.
West-Seoul(Mokdong) plant is specialized production of agricultural polyethylene film and packaging material.
Ansan factory started operation with upgraded and capacity double the addition of extruder for special films for horticultural and packaging.
From 1998, Our all products meet international " ISO 9002 " system. Customers can be assured of the highest quality and performance because these products are the result of years of continuous research and rigorous control of manufacturing process.
First wide-width film extruder made by Korea began production blown film successfully. It was bred its craftsmanship of IHLSHIN.
Second plant in Koryong near by Daegu is the biggest product line all of the Asia. Wide width film 17m was started to provide severe agricultural market.
In 2001, Company exports to all over the world approach $10million annually specially Northeast Asian region include Japan. IHLSHIN is a Asian leading manufacturer for greenhouse covers and various plastic film products made from polyethylene.

  Jul, 1967 Established IHLSHIN Chemical co.,
  Agu, 1972 Became Limited Company (IHLSHIN Chemical co., ltd)
  Apr, 1981 Developed more one year life film for agricultural use.
  Apr, 1986 Developed 3-layer agricultural film.
  Oct, 1986 Developed protective films
(masking film and laminate film)
  Sep, 1989 Moved to Banwol Industrial Complex
  Nov, 1990 Increased a masking film producing machine
  Jun, 1992 Establish T-DIE (CAST LINE)
equipment and a new plant
  Sep, 1992 Developed STRETCH FILM
  Jan, 1993 Established the Second factory in Taegu
  Jan, 1995 Increased 3-Layer Masking film producing
  Jan, 1996 Increased T-DIE (CAST LINE)
  May, 1998 Certificated ISO9002 quality system
  Dec, 2001 Bring about export results $10million annually.

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